Kate Middleton Pressured To Breastfeed Royal Baby?

Subscribe for more News: http://goo.gl/05HMI Like us on FB@ https://www.facebook.com/Worldnews365 Follow us on@ https://twitter.com/Worldnew365 The decision of whether or not to breastfeed a baby ultimately lies with the mother, but for moms in the public eye like Kate Middleton, there is more in the equation than considering the mother child bond or personal health decisions. She will be setting the tone for parenting trends, as all eyes will be on Kate as she makes choices, and parents everywhere will use her as an example. Rates of women breastfeeding in England are rapidly falling for the first time in years, according to The Telegraph. Kate has a lot of power to sway public opinion on breastfeeding in her home country and around the world whether she wants to or not. Many moms worldwide are hoping that Kate will make the decision to breastfeed and take that personal decision public. Calling for Kate to lead by example and encourage women to breastfeed their newborns, a controversial opinion piece for The Telegraph says! We need women with power and influence to get their milky bosoms out and feed smiling in paparazzi pictures. Celebrity is depressingly powerful in dictating trends. As if there wasnt enough pressure on her already, what we really need is The Duchess of Cambridge to get her Royal orbs out to feed our future monarch. And to be applauded not seethed at for doing so.