Katherine Webb Today Show Interview

Don't forget to Like and Subscribe!! ^_^ ******************************************* Katherine Webb on the Today show, interview with Matt Lauer. Katherine Webb, 23, who is Miss Alabama 2012, attended the game to support her boyfriend AJ McCarron, the star quarterback for Alabama. Webb quickly became an overnight sensation after ESPN announcer Brent Musburger, 73, pointed out her pageant worthy good looks during the BCS National Championship Game; Alabama vs. Notre Dame on 1/7/2013. Quickly after the commentary aired; viewers, media and others criticized Musberger's effusive praise as being "creepy" and "inappropriate". ESPN later apologized for Musburger's comments, saying his commentary "went to far." However, during an interview with Webb, she states "I think the media has been really unfair to him. I think if he had said something along the line if we were hot or sexy, that would be a little bit different," - "I didn't take any offense to it, because I think it's OK for a man to tell a woman that she's beautiful, no matter what age." After Webb was shown on television, she went from having 562 Twitter followers on Christmas to having more than 237,000 followers as of Wednesday afternoon. Even Miami Heat superstar LeBron James apparently followed her.