Kristen Stewart First Tattoo: PHOTOS and Details!

Kristen Stewart First Tattoo: PHOTOS and Details - what is it and what does it mean? - Subscribe Now! - Follow Us! - Send Katie a Tweet! - Like Us! - Visit our site! Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart's first tattoo! But, what is it? K-Stew totally got inked on Friday while she was in Nashville with some pals. The Twilight star was spotted hanging out at Pride and Glory Tattoo Parlor -- and they even confirmed that Kristen did in fact leave with a tat. Kristen reportedly went to the parlor with a group of 5 friends while on their way to the airport. And, after Kristen's tattoo was finished she was nice enough to pose with all the employees and tattoo artists. It's hard to tell exactly what kind of tattoo she got, but it looks like a red symbol on her right wrist. Our pals over at claim that via Kristen Stewart fan accounts, (shout out to Inspiring Kristen and Sophia Waffles )---- it's an infinity sign. Reporters tried to get the details on Kristen's art, but employees of the salon are keeping quiet via her wishes. One employee told E! News QUOTE: "She asked us to keep it hush, hush" AND added "Love her. She is a humble amazing soul." Fans of Kristen have been TWEETING up a storm about her new ink. Drearnyavon said: " "Kristen :) Stewart :) finally :) got :) her :) first :) tattoo :)," While "@Cisco1994 added, "OMB KRISTEN STEWART GOT A TATTOO IM CRYING!" Drea Finn tweeted: "wait, did Kristen Stewart get a tattoo :O she is just too perfect xD" While Kristen has been seen in tattoo shops before, we're thinking this is her first one. Her ex, Robert Pattinson doesn't have any -- but, when question about what he would get if he were to get him, he joked and said: "A little sun round my belly button like Sisqo." Anddddd, that's why we love him. What do you guys think? Are you loving Kristen's new art? Do you think it really is an infinity sign and what do you think it means!? Let me know your thoughts below and then subscribe for all the latest on Kristen and your other favorite celebs! In Hollywood, I'm your host Katie Krause and thanks for watching. Cheers to Monday and to a stellar week!