Here is Good lesson for Biblical Hebrew AlphaBet chapter2.

<p><span>In this lesson, we teach about the remaining letters of the Hebrew alphabet:&nbsp;</span><br /> <span>ב/ כ/ פ/ ג/ד/ת /ו/ י/ ז/ צ/ ס/ ט/ ק/ שֹ/ שׁ</span><br /> <span>You will learn that Hebrew has only 23 letters, of which five have a special suffix form: .כ-ך; מ-ם;נ-ן; פ --ף; צ - ץ In our lessons, we also talk about Abraham's journey with his family from Ur to Haran, where they settled until his father died. Abraham then continued his journey through the region of Aram (Syria), into the land of Canaan; he stopped at Shechem, where God appeared unto Abraham, who consequently built an altar.</span></p>