Here is Good lesson for Biblical Hebrew - A Few More Vowels

<p><span>In this lesson, we meet the four remaining Hebrew vowels that we haven't studied yet: Reduced Vowel: A, Reduced Vowel: O, Reduced Vowel: E and also the Short Vowel: O.</span><br /> <span>One good example is in the name "Jacob" יעקב, which takes a reduced vowel -A. Another point of interest about this word is the name itself. When you see a Hebrew name, you should ask yourself: What does this name mean? In this case, "Jacob" means: he will follow. When he was born, he was grasping his brother's heel (עֶקֶב) (Genesis&nbsp;</span><a href=";list=PLA381F02B182DBCEB&amp;index=9">25:22</a><span>-26).</span></p>