Life is Like A Bag Of Cookies

Story Text: ~~~~~~~ A young lady was waiting for her flight. To pass the time, she bought a book and a packet of cookies and sat down to relax. On the other side next to the cookies, a man sat down and began reading. When the woman took out the first cookie, the man took one also. Though she felt upset, she said nothing. Each time she took a cookie, the man took another one. When there was only one cookie left, she waited to see what the man would do. As expected, he took the last cookie. Unexpectedly, he broke it into two pieces and gave her the other half. Furiously, she got up and left in anger. After some time, she boarded her plane and sat down. Opening her purse to turn off her phone, she saw an unopened bag of cookies! The woman felt ashamed. The man had generously shared his cookies. If only she had known the truth, she would have been a little kinder. This video is like that cookie... Remember to share it today!