Living Water

We read in the gospel of John, chapter 4, about a Samaritan woman whom Jesus asked for a drink of water, and then He said to her that if she knew the gift of God and Whom it was speaking to her she would ask HIM and He would give her LIVING WATER that would become in her a well of LIVING WATER that springs up INTO ETERNAL LIFE. Jesus was talking about the Holy Spirit that He promised to all those who love Him and who obey Him. He promised us the Holy Spirit that will become IN US a well of LIVING WATER. It will FILL us and overflow and it will spring up into eternal life. It is the PRESENCE of Jesus Christ IN US, WITH US all the time, guiding us step by step unto eternal life. Have YOU asked Jesus for the LIVING WATER? Have you received that LIVING WATER that bubbles up in you every day, that sustains you, that guides you and teaches you that keeps you on the straight and narrow road? Have you received the Holy Spirit? Do you have that well of living water bubbling up inside of you? May Jesus bless you.