How Do You Find True Love?

A girl who was abandoned by her father becomes attracted to men who break her heart. Can she find the love and happiness she's longed for her entire life? ** Director's Statement ** I must have been seven or eight years-old the first time I became infatuated with a boy. His name was Scott SJ and he was the best competition on the playground during recess. Kickball, four square, tetherball -- he was one of the few studs who could crush it to the point of challenging me. Unfortunately, he didn't always play with me like the sweet boys did. He was withdrawn and meager with his attention which triggered my unhealthy craving for more. So I did what any sensible girl would do when disappointed by love, I kicked him in the shins. Throughout high school and my 20′s, I realized we're all like Charlie Brown trying to kick the romance football only to fall on our ass as Lucy pulls our hopes away. I call it "Love Karma" because if we unconsciously need to miss the ball, we can't stop ourselves from falling into a pattern of bad relationships. So many of us grow up with bad love karma that I became inspired to make a short film about it. LOVE (35mm, 2008, drama) is that film and I hope you enjoy it.