Loyal dog guards female partner body over week

Loyal dog guards friends body for over a week A broken-hearted dog who has stood guard over his female mate's body for more than a week after she was hit by a car has been adopted by villagers in Filippovka in the Perm region of Russia. "It's very sad. He won't let anyone near her and he keeps trying to warm her up with his own body." "We call them Romeo and Juliet. There will be plenty of homes for him when he realises she's not coming back," said local Lyudmila Laisheva. for more video foloow link, http://www.youtube.com/user/cineupdatez https://www.facebook.com/niafanpages http://youtu.be/ohzKMfGXMcc http://youtu.be/VJDpWJQE0rA