Happy Birthday Mom! This song is dedicated to my beautiful mother "Esther Ma" for her 62nd birthday. This year in January we discovered she had stage 4 tonsil cancer. After much prayer and deliberation for months, through the advice of doctors, family and close friends she decided to under go chemotherapy and radiation treatment to eradicate the cancer. The process would be very painful for my mother and she would suffer by losing all taste, ability to swallow, vomit, hair loss and have major weight loss at only 93 pounds. Although she was afraid, she faced her fears with courage and faith. After 30 days of chemo/radiation treatment my mom was suffering but fighting along. It was then she discovered her feeding tube in her stomach was leaking extremely. I took her to the hospital only to have her shipped to the ICU (intensive care unit) where she nearly lost her life. She had attracted an infection that became septic, her blood pressure went from 105 to 40, gained a high fever and was losing her life. We prayed with all our hearts for God to grant her mercy and extend her life. The next 30 days she battled one challenge after another. Over 10 doctors did not know how to close her stomach wound. Gastric acid continued to leak out of my mom's stomach burning and mutilating her skin. She underwent excruciating pain daily that was unbearable for any normal human being. Yet, she fought through it even after having a nurse fall over her bed side and accidentally rip out her feeding tube. Then later she had to have another emergency surgery where she was operated on wide awake with very little anesthesia, she was screaming in pain so loud the whole hospital floor could hear her. I got on my knees with my father and prayed with thousands of others around the world for God to give my mom a chance at living and to lessen the suffering. I share this story because I am so PROUD of my mom for fighting the good fight of faith. I also want to thank you all for praying and continuing to pray for my mother's full healing and recovery. God is faithful. God is able. Yesterday, one day before her birthday after being in the trauma care center of the hospital for 30 days with no food and now less than 80 pounds, my mother was discharged from the hospital and able to come home! God is good! My mother was able to celebrate her 62nd birthday at home with her family. It is truly a miracle that this has been made possible. It was only possible through each of your prayers for my mom. I ask that each of you who listen to this song are reminded each day to continue to pray for my mom Esther Ma to fully recover from the cancer treatment and that the tonsil cancer would stay in remission. Please pray she stays strong and becomes stronger in body, soul and spirit with each day. May this song also remind each of us how precious our mother's are. They may not be perfect, but the love of a mother can never be compared or replaced. The sacrifice they choose to give to each of us is the reason why we are each here today. Take time out to tell your mom how much you appreciate her and love her whenever you possibly can. Thank God for our "Mama" THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS FOR MRS. ESTHER MA! Please do pray 1 minute each day for her to recover completely from the chemotherapy and radiation treatment, that she gains her weight back, the tonsil cancer stays in remission, there are no more complications and God keeps her in perfect peace. My mother is so thankful for every prayer and word of encouragement. You are all appreciated. I know by faith my mom has been divinely healed and it was because of every prayer that has been counted towards her. P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens) God bless, JMA Subscribe: