Meet Andy Strunk: Jennifer Lawrence's close friend who has Down Syndrome

Jennifer Lawrence and Andy Strunk, who has Down Syndrome, have been friends since childhood. "We are like best friends," says Andy. "She's kind .... I think she has spirit." Andy collects every scrap of Jennifer memorabilia - and his bedroom decor attests to that. His cellphone also has the Oscar-nominated star in its speed-dial -- and she happily answers his calls! The two friends are former Kammerer Middle School classmates - and Indian Hills neighbor. His favorite photo is of a Lawrence and himself sitting by the pool in the backyard of the east Louisville home where she grew up -- from her "pre-star" days. For the Oscars, Andy is going to wear his tux. "He wants to dress up ... because Jennifer is going to be dressed up and he wants to celebrate," said his mother, Pollyanna Strunk. "He'll have his shirt on and his tie and all that ... just like he was there." And if she wins: "I will say 'Yay! Yay! Yay!' " Strunk said, and "will have to be calmed down," says Andy. Andy says he knows Lawrence will be "very busy" on Oscar night, so he'll send a text to her mother and Oscar date, Karen Lawrence, that says "congratulations" and "see you later." Everyone Matters loves Jennifer Lawrence as an actress -- and we also celebrate her as a human being. Thanks to shared abilities for sharing! and Join our community where Everyone Matters: