Memorial Day Tribute Song: Soldier I Thank You

Our troops are deployed all over the world and let me stop saying the word "troops", because when I say the word troops it makes them seem like they're somehow different than us. Let me describe these men and women as our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, co-workers, friends, and neighbors. They are the same people who are losing their homes, whose marriages are breaking up, who may have lost an arm or a leg. With our loved ones and families deployed all over the world isn't it a shame that they're sacrifices are not reflected in the music that is heard on the radio? I am all for bringing sexy back and I am also in favor of bringing American Patriotism back. May god bless America If you are in favor of bringing American Patriotism back download this song, "Soldier I Thank You" for $1.25 PLEASE READ!!! Buy Song: Because of viewer's repeated request The song, "Soldier I Thank You" is now available for download 9/4/09 on CDBaby "What happened to the Red, White and Blue?" When our troops went overseas, the streets were filled with cars and trucks decorated with red, white and blue. We all were cheering, as if the troops were our favorite sports team. You could see signs across America that read, "Go U.S.A.!" and the American flag was selling out in stores everywhere. As American citizens, we have to admire the spirit and patriotism that was felt by our service men and women when they made the decision to serve this nation. They are America's finest, and we, as American citizens, are the beneficiaries of their decisions to protect us. We must continue to support them as we did when the war began. These men and women took an oath to be the guardians of some of the greatest words ever written on paper, The Constitution of the United States of America and The Bill of Rights. In this civilized society, which is governed under a democracy, if we want to bring about change, we simply go to the voting booth. We live in a nation where we can enjoy the freedom and the right to have our voices be heard. This comes at a high price, which so many of our fellow Americans have paid, but we have forgotten? This is a time of great concern for all Americans. The thoughts and opinions of the American people are split about this war. The fact remains that we are at war, and our armed forces are the brave men and women who have answered the call. Remember, our troops don't have the luxury of choosing the wars they will fight in, so we must not take for granted or misuse the American spirit that lives in them, because it is the same American spirit that lives in all of us. If you would like to listen and see more videos like "Soldier I Thank You" this song is now available for download at for only $1.25 The song "Soldier I Thank You" was produced in 2003 and thousands of free copies of "Soldier I Thank You" has been sent to troops and their families throughout this country. Unfortunately, it is no longer in the budget to continue to send out CD's but with your support the goal will be met that is to hear this song on every radio station in the country. Thank for your support. Soldier I Thank You