Miguel kicks two girls in the face at 2013 Billboards Music Awards (ORIGINAL)

Miguel performs on stage at the 2013 Billboards Music Awards and as he jumps across from the stage to the platform to finish his act of the song, "Adorn." He hits two girls in the face. Knees one of them and the other girl gets kicked and her head smashing into the platform hard. To blow the accident off, Miguel wraps his arm around a woman he thinks he hit lol and as soon as he leaves the scene. People rush to help the two girls to see if they're ok. (most likely not) Miguel most likely will be sued over this stunt. Very sad, but he gets money so he doesn't care! SONG: Adorn by Miguel SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=xBLAZExisHOOD