Miscarriage, Loss and Finding Hope

<p>Can you imagine the joy at finding out you're pregnant and then the inconsolable grief at losing your child in the early stages? You may not even have to imagine this. It could be your story. Nicole knows this grief only too well. After having her first child, she and her husband never imagined they would have any problems growing their young family further. Two ectopic pregnancies, two further miscarriages and a near life-ending episode in hospital, Nicole was brought to the end of hope. "The whole idea of facing my future without this child that I had already started to love was something I just couldn't come to terms with." - Nicole Despite every reason to give up on the hope of another child. Nicole found hope again. A life-changing experience and a medical miracle helped her discover that although bad things happen to good people, she was not alone on her journey. This is her story.</p>