Miss Universe Canada 2013 Contestant, Denise Garrido

Fight2BeFit Owners and Personal Trainers, Belinda Kiriakou and George Kiriakou have trained and coached Miss Universe Canada 2013 contestant, Denise Garrido to sculpt a body fit for a Pageant Winner! Weekly modifications in her nutrition in conjunction to her training regimen, consisting of weight training, athletic conditioning, yoga, pilates and High Intense Interval Training circuits were key to Denise's amazing results! In 12 weeks, Denise has lost 5lbs on the scale, dropped 6% body fat (which relates to her losing 9lbs of fat and gaining 4lbs of lean muscle tissue), and is looking more lean and toned overall. We are rooting for Denise as she fights for the title of Miss Universe Canada 2013 on May 25th! Go Denise! Team Fight2BeFit all the way!!!