Mother of Baby Run Over By Train Credits God For Saving Son's Life

In a heart-stopping split second, an Australian mother watches as her 6-month-old son rolls onto a train track and under an oncoming train -- and escapes with just a scratch. It could happen to any parent -- you release the brake on the stroller to prepare to board the train, and it rolls away from you. For Shweta Verma, a 29-year-old mother and dentist who lives in Melbourne, it is a nightmare that keeps replaying in her head and on TV, thanks to a surveillance camera that captured the entire terrifying episode on film. Verma told Today's Matt Lauer about the terrifying moment when her son, Saurish, rolled onto the tracks as a train sped through the station. The video shows her horror as she helplessly watches her baby disappears under it. "There was this moment I thought I should jump," Verma told Lauer. "But instead of making that suicidal move, I just thought for a second that I should have a look - what has happened to him. I just wanted to have a look, how is he." Her baby, who was strapped into his stroller, was found beneath the train by 18-year-old student Aaron Dryden: "I was [in] complete shock," Verma said. "As soon as the train stopped, I ran toward the platform where it stopped, and there was this young guy who came and offered to help. And he was going to get down off the platform and then, I told him that I want to come along." That's when Verma heard the welcome sound of her child's cries. The stroller lost its wheels in the accident but was otherwise intact -- and Saurish was still strapped into the safety harness. His mother struggled to free him, and then finally joined her baby under the train to set him free. The child suffered just a scratch on his head, and after an examination at a hospital was declared healthy. Verma, who credits the safety harness on the stroller with saving her son's life, shakily said that she often relives the moment when she thought she'd lost her baby forever, but that her already strong faith in a higher power has deepened. "He is destined to do something, something good, something great in his life," she said. "That is why God is there...Now I don't let [Saurish] out of my sight."