Mother: Wrong crowd forever changed an 'A' student

<p>BEAUMONT - The mother of the 17 year old says her son was a straight 'A' student whose life changed when he got around the wrong crowd.Police say he took part in a crime that also changed the lives of a west Beaumont couple.This morning, Kaleb Nathaniel Baker pled guilty to robbery and evading arrest.Investigators say he drove the getaway car following a home invasion.Martha baker walked out of the courtroom crying. Her 17 year old son is wearing shackles and handcuffs inside the courtroom.Kaleb feels terrible. He said he wished he never would have gotten into that car with those boys, said Martha Baker.It was 1 day in the middle of June that baker says forever changed her son's life.He said they were gonna go pick some stuff up from someone's house, Kaleb didn't know these boys all that well, said Baker.Investigators call Kaleb Baker the driver of the getaway car.He drove to this house in the 1600 block of East drive in Beaumont. Kaleb told his mother he waited in the car while three men carrying guns and a bat forced their way inside, threatened the couple that lives there and robbed them.Kaleb said I didn't realize what they were up to until the last minute and it was too late, said Baker.Bless her; it's actually an emotional rape. You can see it in her face, physically it's still the same, they invaded her zone, said Carlena FriddleCarlena Friddle spoke to KFDM news in June. She ran to help the couple after the attackers stole a silver car from the driveway and left.Baker led police on a chase for several miles. Eventually, he got out of the car and ran.Police dogs and their handlers found baker and arrested him.Officers also found a stolen forty caliber pistol.Baker says her son regrets everything.He writes his little sister continuously and says pray that the law forgives me and that god forgives me, said Baker.Now Baker will wait in jail until his sentencing hearing.Baker's mother says his goal is to return to high school and complete his senior year.Judge John Stevens will sentence Baker September 16th.Baker faces anywhere from probation to ten years in prison for both charges.</p>