Mother's Prayer Protects Son from Near-Death Encounter with Evil

Ben's self-centered, pleasure-seeking lifestyle included alcohol and drugs. It led him down a path of spiritual darkness and real danger.  

His mother, however, never gave up on Ben. Even when all hope seemed lost, his mother continued to pray for him, and sought help from her Christian community to join her in prayer for Ben to be saved by committing his life to Jesus Christ. 

On a fateful day, Ben had a near-death experience. He remembers a spiritual encounter with evil during which his heart stopped beating. He called out to Jesus, and saw a light that filled him with love, after which his heartbeat returned and he was able to seek medical help. 

Upon leaving the hospital, he confessed his new found faith in Jesus Christ spontaneously to the taxi driver. In turn, the driver suddenly turned around, affirmed his faith in Jesus Christ, prayed the Sinner's Prayer with Ben, and asked for God to give Ben the Holy Spirit. At that moment, a sensasion washed over Ben that confirmed for him that he had truly been saved by Jesus Christ.