Mum Tries To Prank Girl With Terrible Gift, But The Exact Opposite Result Occurs!

<p>Mother&nbsp;Jessi Eaton&nbsp;tried&nbsp;giving her daughter a present&nbsp;that she would hate, but the exact opposite occurred.</p> <p>Eaton gave her child a huge pair of tighty-whitey underwear for her birthday, and much to Eaton&rsquo;s surprise, her daughter loved it and called it her &ldquo;special gift.&rdquo; Her daughter was so excited about her new &ldquo;pants.&rdquo;</p> <p>Of course, her daughter received other real gifts for her special day, including&nbsp;a Reese&rsquo;s cup, a popsicle and a new princess dress, but Eaton said she had almost the exact same reaction to each present. She wasn&rsquo;t sure exactly why she pranked her child, she claims.</p> <p>Perhaps it was to provide a lesson for the inevitable disappointment that comes as you get older and your relatives run out of good ideas for what to get you for Christmas. Or maybe she just wanted a good laugh.</p> <p>Eaton might look kinda bad for doing this to her kid, but the whole thing is redeemed by the fact that this little girl&rsquo;s reaction is absolutely adorable.</p>