Mursi Ousted as Egypt's President; Constitution Suspended

CNN's Jake Tapper reports on latest developments in Egypt. Morsy tweets that his ouster is a "full coup." Would you like to know more? Mursi Ousted as Egypt's President; Constitution Suspended (bloomberg, July 3, 2013) "Egypt's military ousted President Mohamed Mursi from power, suspended the constitution and announced an early presidential election in a bid to resolve the political crisis that has polarized the nation. Defense Minister Abdelfatah al-Seesi made the announcements in a televised broadcast this evening, saying Mursi failed to meet the demands of the people after the military set him an ultimatum just over 48 hours ago. A technocratic government will be formed, and the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court will be in charge of running the country's affairs "during the transitional period and until a new president is elected," al-Seesi said. "The president's speech last night failed to meet and conform with the demands" of the people, prompting the armed forces to consult "with some of the symbols of the national forces and the youths without excluding anyone," the defense minister said. They agreed on a road map "that includes initial steps that realize the building of a strong and coherent Egyptian society that doesn't exclude any of its sons and currents and that end the state of conflict and division."...." Jihadists vow struggle against army if Morsy removed (egyptindependent, July 3, 2013) "The brother of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, who lives in Egypt, has vowed to engage in armed struggle if President Mohamed Morsy is forced to step down in response to massive protests demanding early presidential elections ... "We call on everyone not to be afraid or hesitate. We assure our Muslim Brothers in Egypt that we will not be losers under any circumstances," said Mohamed al-Zawahiri, leader of the Salafi Jihadi movement. "If the United States or its agents in Egypt make an impetuous move towards confrontation, that will surely be in our favor. We have nothing to lose," he said. Jihadist movements will, eventually, have "the upper hand," he said. The Salafi Jihadi organization in Sharqiya, President Morsy's hometown, released a statement declaring "war against the Armed Forces" in support of the president. The group accused the military of turning against Morsy and siding with "the evil forces of the opposition that are affiliated with the West." "They say liberals are Muslims. I say they are apostates as all scholars have stated," the group's leader, Shalabi al-Awady, aka Abu Osama, said. "They are at war with the application of Sharia, which makes them apostates who should be killed in order to prevent sedition." Journalist and author Mohamed Fadel Fahmy, however, claims that Mohamed Al Zawahiri has denied calling for jihad against the Egyptian Army, as published in Al Masry Al Youm...." Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh, ElBaradei and Pope Tawadros II to announce roadmap (egyptindependent, July 3, 2013) "Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei and Coptic Pope Tawadros II will shortly address the nation to announce a roadmap for Egypt's future after President Mohamed Morsy, state-run news agency MENA reports. The joint announcement will be made in the presence of military leaders and Tamarod representatives to announce what was agreed upon during meetings with the general command of the armed forces. The roadmap is expected to propose a way out of Egypt's current political impasse, including a short transition face leading to presidential and parliamentary elections." Morsy Has Few Friends As Deadline Looms People Were Not Expecting This... Egypt Deadlocked For Now Egypt Ready To Explode Message To Women: Stay At Home Or Be Shamed Just As It Was Under The Former Regime The Period Of Political Compromise Seems To Be Fading Egyptians "Celebrating" 2nd Anniversary... Pharoah Morsi Welcomes Zionist Delegation Egypt's Constitution Passes Let The People Choose From Bad To Worse? "Final Draft" Pi0u$ Br0ther$ Our Program Stems From Islamic Law They Will Fix Everything Focus On Egypt