Muslim Clerics leave Islam and embrace Christ !

Muslim Clerics Convert to Christianity Muslim clerics in the Middle East and North Africa are leaving Islam for Christianity, according to Father Zakaria Boutros. Father Zakaria is an Egyptian Coptic priest who was kicked out of his country for converting Muslims to Christ. Today he has a ministry to the Muslim world through his satellite TV broadcast, 'Truth Talk.' Broadcast daily into the Middle East, the program challenges Muslims to examine their faith and encourages them to discuss issues in an Internet chat room on Pal Talk. Watch the interview to learn how those broadcasts are leading Muslim clerics to Christ. Original source : ----------------- List of Some of the Former Muslim Imams, Mullahs, Dawah Preachers Who embraced Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Dr.Mark Gabriel - Former Muslim Imam Hamran Ambrie - Indonesian Ex-Muslim Priest El-Faqi, an ex-Imam and lawyer Hajji Husman Mohamed - a former ethiopian Muslim Imam Mohammed Amin - Former Ethiopian Islamic Cleric El-Akkad - Former Muslim Preacher, Egypt Mullah Assad Ullah - Former mullah, Afganistan Indonesian Imam Left Islam, He also led 3000 Moslems to Christ Sudan: Moslem Imam converts to Christianity Rev. Mawlawi Dr. Imad ud-Din Lahiz - Prolific Islamic Writer, Preacher, Quranic Translator Khalif Majid Hassan - Former Islamic Preacher, Minister in the Nation of Islam Jeremiah Fard Muhammad - Muslim minister, now Christian evangelist Saleh Hussaini - Former Nigerian Muslim Cleric Sam Solomon - a former Muslim scholar Yusuf Roni - Former Islamic Dawah Missionary Jamal Zarka - Former Muslim Imam, Now Evangelist Sheikh Mohamed Mansour - Prominent Egyptian Muslim Sheikh and Islamic Scholar Hamza - former Islamic scholar Timothy Abraham - Former Muslim preacher, Fundamentalist. Daniel Shayestah- Former koranic teacher, scholar Maulvi Safdar Ali - Former Maulvi(Cleric) from India Ahmed Abdullahi - former muslim cleric Emmanuel (formerly Mohammed) - Former Muslim Scholar Zak Gariba - former Muslim Imam Hicham Chehab - Former Lebanese Muslim Preacher turned Militant turned Islamic Theologian Mario Joseph (Moulvi Sulaiman) - former Muslim cleric - India For Detail :