My children will be known –August 15, 2013

My children, each one of you who call yourselves a child of Mine, must be serious, you must be known to other people that you stand for Me, My Kingdom, My righteousness and My truth only. You must be light in darkness and not be darkness yourselves. Do not be ashamed of Me and My Kingdom although you might stand alone, be steadfast and stand. Do not deny Me because then I will also deny you. I know every heart and all motives, nothing can be hidden from Me. Many are deceived and in darkness, not even knowing it and they are satisfied but I am not pleased with them. Many only serve Me with their mouths but their hearts are far from Me. They only use My Name in vain for their own glory and benefit. I will expose the pretenders for who they truly are and not who they pretend to be. They have deceived many. I will humble them in due time because they have exalted themselves. I share My glory with no one, I am to be honored and glorified. Let no one deceive you. My righteousness and truth is not the same as that of the world. I have one standard for all, not just for some like so many still want to believe because they themselves do not only approve of, but also do those things that are an abomination to Me. Many have accepted lies for truth, unrighteousness for righteousness and ungodliness for holiness like the rest of the world. They are not different or separated, they blend in with the rest of the world, deceiving themselves and others and they still think that I am pleased with them, but I am not. I do not change. I am holy and you must also be holy, because without holiness no one will see Me nor enter into Heaven. You must seek My righteousness and My truth for yourself from Me. I am the Truth, the only Way and the Life, there is none like Me and will never be.