My Testimony Of How God Answered The Prayer Of A Ten Year Old Boy and Wouldn't Let Him Forget

I felt the power of God go through me and the Devil leave me, it felt and sounded like a whirlwind leave my body, and I felt his peace for the first time. I mention in this video that I turned too my mother to tell her that I needed a doctor, but even those words didn't come out right My Testimony is between me and the Lord, You weren't there, but only I was there.. It's not my job to make you believe me, but only to share with you that their is a God in Heaven, and that He will hear you when you call out his name, and If you mean it with your whole heart, then ask him today to make himself real to you, and if he does, I will have nothing to do with it but only the one that you called out too called the King of Kings and Lord of Lord's.. What do you have to lose here! Life is already taking it's toll on you, so why not give the Lord a try. Ask him to make him self real to you today you want be disappointed