News Bulletin 6 September 2013 -- The Christian Institute

A new parliamentary Lobbying Bill could restrict campaign groups, including Christian organisations, from actively engaging in the democratic process -- The Scottish Parliament has decided to fast-track their gay marriage Bill by holding double evidence sessions -- UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said during a video interview that gay marriage could be profoundly illiberal -- A bakery shop owned by Christians in the US has been forced to shut after they received death threats because of their opposition to gay marriage -- Cambridge University are to allow male students to wear skirts to their graduation ceremony if they wish -- A call has gone out for members of the public to contact their MP about the current abortion laws. Tory MP Fiona Bruce, who recently led a Parliamentary inquiry into the issue, says abortion law discriminates against 'disabled babies' and needs to be changed -- Doctors in the UK who arranged illegal terminations by offering gender abortions will not be prosecuted -- And the life of Scottish reformer and preacher George Wishart, murdered for challenging the concepts of purgatory and praying to saints, has been marked by a special event, 500 years after his birth.