No Greater Love (Movie Trailer)

A movie all Christians have been waiting for. First Love. Second Chance. Jeff and Heather were the Lucky ones. Best friends from childhood, high school sweethearts, and married by twenty-two. They were inseparable soul mates. Over time, however, Jeff became a workaholic, and Heather felt the neglect. After the birth of their son, Ethan, and with Jeff never around, Heather fell into a deep depression. In a moment of despair, Heather made the life-altering decision to leave Jeff for the nightand never returned. After police searches, missing persons reports, and endless efforts to find hershe was gone. Ten years laterlife has moved on for Jeff and Ethan. Jeff is on the verge of proposing to Katie, his girlfriend of eight months, and Ethan has grown into a well-adjusted eleven year old. While not forgotten, Heather is a vivid, but distant memory of the past for Jeff, and no memory at all for Ethan. Jeff is befriended by Dave, a fellow regular at a local coffee house. After striking up a friendship, they learn that their sons are baseball little league teammates. With summer break approaching, Dave encourages Jeff to allow Ethan to come to Kids Fest, a fun, week-long kids summer event at Daves church. Ambivalent toward God and church, but feeling that Kids Fest would be - if nothing else - good babysitting for his son, Jeff accepts. Ethan has a blast, and on the final day, Jeff and Katie are persuaded to attend a brief show, which the kids are performing. It is on this day that Jeff receives the monumental shock of his life. Heather is one of the Kids Fest helpers! Three years prior to their Kids Fest encounter, Heather had been saved from her sin, and was now a committed Christian. With all her heart, she had diligently attempted to find the whereabouts of Jeff and Ethan, but was ultimately unsuccessful. Turning it over to God, she had fervently been praying to see them again, and by Gods grace, here they were! Jeff is forced to wrestle with forgiveness, reconciliation, and the irresistible grace of God. RELEASE DATE: Valentine's day in 2010