Nokia Lumia 920 Extreme Optical Image Stabilization Test

The Nokia Lumia 920 features Optical Image Stabilization. This means that you can say goodbye to those shaky home videos. But how good is it? We put it to the test in the heart of the desert in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We hooked up the Lumia 920 to the front of a Land Rover recording 1080p full HD video. The phone was secured using three plastic cable ties and was attached to the bottom rung of the grill at the front of a Land Rover. We then took the Land Rover (and with it the Lumia 920) dune bashing as part of the desert safari experience provided by North Tours ( This is the actual video that the Lumia 920 captured - the only editing has been to remove the scenes prior and post the actual dune bashing and to add the title scenes - we've included the original audio and haven't removed any scenes (as you can see about 1 minute in, the video jumps as the ground was bumpy and the Lumia 920 was shaking). The video HAS NOT been touched up or stabilised or optimised in ANY WAY - it's REALLY that GOOD!! What do you think? Leave a comment, share or subscribe and check out the links below for the rest of our Lumia 920 week! Trust us, it's pretty spectacular! Nokia Lumia 920 EXTREME OIS test: The Concept: EXTREME OIS test: Protecting the Nokia Lumia 920: EXTREME OIS test: Lumia 920 and G-Luxe: Lumia 920 EXTREME OIS test: Implementation: Nokia Lumia 920 -- EXTREME Optical Image Stabilisation Test: Windows Phone 8 week: Nokia Lumia 920 portal: Nokia Lumia portal: UK Mobile Review: MEA Mobile Review: Category Science & Technology