Open Doors USA Tours: The China Experience

The China Experience is an experience you will not forget. Over 50 years ago, our founder Brother Andrew began the dangerous task of bringing Gods Word to believers behind the Iron Curtain. What began as his personal ministry has grown into a world-wide mission bringing Bibles, Christian literature, pastoral training, and programs for individual and community development to millions of Christians who share our faith, but not our freedom. At Open Doors, we also believe it is our duty to share the stories of our persecuted brethren to raise awareness of their plight, marshal resources on their behalf, and engage millions of Christians around the world to pray for these dear ones whose faith in Christ can mean daily persecution and even death. The China Experience will bring you face to face with Chinese believers meeting to worship in an underground house church. This dramatized experience will allow you to see and feel what our persecuted brothers and sisters face as they faithfully obey Jesus words follow Me.