!!! PRICELESS !!! 10 Months Baby Crying With Emotion When Mother Sings

All babies cry. A lot. But a 10-month-old baby has gone viral for shedding truly emotional tears while listening to her mother sing. Аlain Lеroux posted this video of his wife serenading their baby with a cover of the song, "My Heart Cаn't Tell Yоu No." It seems as though the child understands the lyrics. Watch the priceless reaction in the video posted below. P.S. Apparently babies don't just cry when they're hungry or when they feel like tormenting strangers on airplanes. They also cry when they hear their mothers singing gut-wrenching ballads, like this 10-month-old who was brought to tears when her mother serenaded her with Rod Stewart's 1988 classic "My Heart Can't Tell You No." The baby goes through a whole range of emotions, offering the occasional wistful smile between streams of tears. This video is not owned and no copyright intended. We just want to share these moments and cute little baby's reaction to her mother's singing. Video credit goes to Amanda and Alain Leroux. Enjoy. © Аlain Lеroux