Pro Baseball Player Josh Hamilton's Intriguing and Heartfelt Life Changing Story

Josh's Story In the fight of your life, how many times do you get knocked down before you find yourself too weak to throw another punch? Making more money than ever imaginable, suddenly everything Josh Hamilton knew and loved was taken away in an instant. When the rush and adrenaline of his spot in professional baseball slipped from his grasp, the search for fulfillment was helplessly found in drugs and alcohol. Following was a path of destruction, "and it wasn't because of anybody else. It was because of me." In this deeply intriguing and heartfelt story, he narrates his life through metaphors of dreams and a reminiscence of weariness. His is a story of a time when he could no longer lift his hand or his heart to fight his enemy. He found strength to fight another round and since has never felt more powerful and at peace. View original Source Here: