Q&A on Relationships & Dating | Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke

Hey guys! Here's my first official live stream (Feb 4. at 6pm PST) after testing it out a few weeks ago. For this particular one, my wife Alyssa has joined me to chat about dating, relationships, etc. We field all the questions through FB & Twitter and pick which ones we think will be the most fruitful to you all! This live stream is the 1st & 3rd monday of every month. The 1st is Q&A and the 3rd will always be more devotional/teaching style. To keep up with Alyssa & I see our info below! MY INFO Facebook: http://ow.ly/bMEPU Twitter: http://ow.ly/bMEQd Site: http://ow.ly/bMERM Email: jeffersonbethke@gmail.com ALYSSA'S INFO Website: http://www.alyssajoy.me Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/alyssajoybethke Facebook: https://www.fb.com/alyssajoybethke Alyssa's Recommended Reading: http://ow.ly/hqhnr LINKS MENTIONED IN LIVE STREAM Meaning Of Marriage Book: http://ow.ly/hpFuF Love Is Sermon Series: http://ow.ly/hpFBN Alyssa's post on singleness (pt 1): http://ow.ly/hq05T Alyssa's posts on singleness (pt 2): http://ow.ly/hq04s