Qualities of a Godly Woman

Godly Woman is described as a one who is a " life-giver " and not a " life-taker " Being a " life-giver " in today's culture poses many challenges to the woman seeking to live spiritually ( biblically ). Western culture has so distorted womanhood, and personhood for that matter, to the point of thinking that the world revolves around one thing—me. ( If I'm sick of my husband—divorce. If my baby is an imposition—abortion. If I don't like my hands—plastic surgery ... ) Relativism has created a society that views the self as autonomous and authoritative in all matters, therefore, what I say goes and no one can question me. We live in a world of life-taking, when our Creator " God " ( and the Bible ) commands a world of life-giving. By Radek Wamblisha