Real Women, Real Faith Group Bible Study with Jeanne Stevens

It's not easy being a woman in today's world. The demands and expectations you face can be overwhelming. And deep within, there is a longing for something more—for a real opportunity to meet with God and be changed in his presence. In Real Women, Real Faith Volume Two, you'll meet six women who encountered God and whose lives were forever changed. These remarkable women will encourage you through their failures as well as their successes. You'll see how God drew them to himself as they struggled to live with faith in a world filled with trials. And you'll see how their lives, though lived long ago, speak with fresh relevance to the issues in your life and relationships today. This volume will introduce you to six of the key characters of the New Testament. You'll study the lives of: • Mary [the mother of Jesus], Moving from Comfort to Courage (Jeanne Stevens) • Mary Magdalene, Transforming from Outcast to Follower (Jonalyn Fincher) • Mary of Bethany, Putting Our Faith Into Action (Elisa Morgan) • Martha, Finding Our Identity (Amena Brown) • The Woman at the Well, Turning Our Messes into Messages (Lysa TerKeurst) • The SyroPhonecian Woman, Approaching God with Persistence and Boldness (Naomi Zacharias) This fresh look at the women in the Bible helps you discover new insights and provides a powerful witness to God's gracious love that will leave you feeling challenged, encouraged, and deeply valued.