Relaxing Harp Amazing Healing Christian Music! Celtic HQ MUST LISTEN 40 MIN Sound Therapy

Harp music, when played in accordance with God's law of love, has the unique ability to refresh the mind and lift one's spirit. This is demonstrated to us in God's Word, I Samuel 16:23, when David, the son of Jesse, brought peace to King Saul's troubled soul through melodies from his harp. The concert harp, is a small taste of the peace of mind that is available to us through a living relationship with Jesus Christ. May your thoughts drift heavenward as the ambiance of God's love envelopes. One such healing music is harp music. The harp produces a calm, soothing and gentle sound when plucked by the fingers. In the Bible, the harp as a musical instrument and its use has been in existence as early as Genesis 4:21. Thereafter, we read of harp music being used for worship, healing, prayer, meditation, personal devotion, warfare and connection with the Divine Being and the universe. The most famous Bible story is David, as a shepherd boy, playing his harp to bring emotional healing and deliverance from tormenting spirits for King Saul. Today, more people are using music healing for both physical and emotional problems. Harp music is being used in hospitals and health care centres as therapeutic music with many testimonies of healing and recovery enhanced by healing sounds of harp music. Hospitals have therefore accepted music healing to be used for patients alongside modern medicine. I have personally benefited from the healing power of harp music myself and if there's any healing music I'd recommend, it would be harp music. key points: holistic alternative medicine natural healing sound therapy healing art therapy music therapy dealing with stress stress relief nature relaxation and meditation music for relaxation meditation relaxation nature videos relaxation technique relaxation