Isaiah 24 - Irishwordsmith

Rap for Christ! - lyrics - speaking from an unreachable zone, deep in the soul, reach it through Jesus alone/ Faith in a higher power, frequently people condone..they'd sooner believe e.t speaks in a phone/ Holy Trinity the True Third Kind that's seeking us home/ Spielberg is deceiving u with the evilest tones!/ finding Christ isn't a needle in a haystack , He's everywhere, He awaits man to face facts/ that the world is a stage packed/ without backstage pass to the true King and His grace land/ it's true man is in a t.v show, God's Will is for us to have His grace back/ He wants friends, i hope this chant lure's ur Faith man/ i don't hit girls, but my harmonica creates praise tracks!/. earth's ruined, horrible smells, horrible self is at war, the pair fume/ "chose this day whom u will serve" says the verse muse, made my choice, came to Christ's, the devil's in my rear view/. the only thing we have to fear is fear itself/ but the Bible says fear is a spirit and Jesus scare's its health/ "i can't see God", so He doesn't exist, no, His care is felt/ u can't see Love but u go to the ends of the earth 4 a person in search of help/ Honest people, u need the Gospel's peaceful offered Freedom/ talk with Jesus/ read His Word, it's God that's speaks in that novel's teachings/ non believers!, Jesus was killed by romans...u should call a see Em/ He's an Awesome Phenom/ we were lawless creatures, He was Cross so He came across the Reaches to die on a cross to reach us/ we should be awe full, our awful weakness was crossed out, deleted/ man was cut off with free will/ but now we can cross and seek His/ He became an outcast to save the cast out's/ believe, don't have doubt's/ rejecting God is like throwing stones in a glass house/ its a bad move!/ fastfood generation/ were getting lazy/ world fulla cemetery depression lately/ death's awaiting us all but it seems it's been sped up lately/ world leaders set the stage for revelation's renovation/ a lowly drama, the Holy Father directs, dissection is our destination/ Heavenly declaration's, my King, set my chains loose quicker than the best escapist/ instant salvation once u profess ur Faith in His demonstration/ His timing is record breaking like all the worldly music His Perfected Greatness directed to desolation/ now its Christian Rap, Godly chants, leeland craft..some Johnny Cash/ no more wicked rappers in Hockey Masks/ swinging axes and cognac/ i was dead in sin, my wretched skin was my body bag/ now i'm Born Again, ordering my life after Christ's like His copy cat/ don't want the eye of the tiger, im on a path/ to have the mind of the Lion and follow His rocky track/. its a sad state of affairs/ man hasten's the last days of the earth/ were on the edge, ab sailing the verge/ about to cascade from the height of pride into a mass grave/ "every island and mountain moved", that's the andes and the alps slayed/ along with the map changed/ and we'll see hawaii's land lay give into pressure from the cracked plates/ also atlantis will rise and be back great/ and america will have an inland sea from compact lakes/...need to win souls with wings wove, the sinkholes and brimstone is half baked/ the signs of apocalypse, yet man stays obnoxious and scans gain in this rat race/ no hand break, no thanks made, can't wait to face palm whenever he hears what psalms say, worries about campaign's, and glorifying gang fame/ plantation's and grand states, done deals with handshakes/ it's unreal, the late great planet earth just reels and can take the unjust deeds of its fan base/ hourglass timing, come Jesus before the sand wastes/ or the glass breaks from the mass quakes!/ the planet is sick, about to be flattened and flipped like pancakes/ no last hoorah, no champagne/ man made tasks wont last the Master's blast in His rampage/ little rascals cast from the family/ the taj majal will stand blazed/ the vatican sharade will be ram raid/ splattered and chaff, its ruler will be a man praying/ Vesuvius will look like a camp day to the super volcanic movements and the ash layed/ the louvre will never recoup from the manouvre's of the land's face as France sways/ no stone left unturned as the King removal brings in His Grand age/ this world is ruinous, its banned aid/ its gonna need more than a band aid to cover the bruises its fam made/. beat by -