Sailor Surprises Sister, Student With Leukemia Walks at Greenwood Graduation

It was a night full of emotions at the Greenwood High School graduation. Seniors walked the stage to get their diplomas but it was the special guests who made the night even more memorable. The Greenwood Class of 2012 had many reasons to celebrate on Friday night. Seniors anxiously awaited their high school diplomas while special stories played throughout the night. Senior Jeff Hankins was diagnosed with leukemia a couple years ago. Since then he's been in and out of treatment, missing his senior year but not his big day. "It's amazing," Jeff said. "It feels great you know." Students wore orange ribbons to support their classmate. "Just don't give up, keep on fighting," Jeff said. Jeff's brother couldn't be more proud. He shaved his head to honor his special graduate and their mother who is battling breast cancer. "He's been bald before so I'm doing it for him and for my mom," Aaron Hankins said. "It feels amazing knowing that my brother is gonna walk the stage, it just lights me up." And another brother was full of nerves during the ceremony. "I'm excited because I just talked to my parents and she has no idea I'm even coming," Mitchell Adams said. Adams is a sailor and flew in from Norfolk, VA to surprise his sister, Kaya. "It just feels good to be a part of it, it's kind of a blessing so," Adams said. The excitement of graduation turned into overwhelming joy. "I'm speechless, I'm so excited," Kaya said. "Of course he told me he was gonna be out. I was like what the heck where is he and all of a sudden I see him walking up the stairs and I'm like oh my gosh he's actually here." The special guests made graduation a night these seniors will never forget. "Oh this topped it, oh my gosh, I don't have any words," Kaya said. "I'm so mad at you right now!"