Samsung Galaxy S4 Internet Browsing, Experience & New Feature

credits go to IT168 My quick translation: Regarding to the web browsing, Galaxy S4 has some significant advantage, for instance, the pinch & zoom, and rendering speed, it performs very well. Compared to the previous Galaxy S3, the S4 has some excellent performance on the general and detailed browsing, although there is no dramatic change. Apart from the normal browsing, S4 is able to deliver some new feature, including a gesture navigation. This new feature is so cool, let's have a demo. Now, I haven't touched the screen, but my hand is doing a gesture above the screen, you see....the webpage scrolls according to the movement of my hand. Although the function isn't performing that smooth, the function itself works! Up and down in gesture will let the webpage scrolls, whereas left and right will switch browser between different tabs. This function is soooo cool..Also, there is a tiny icon on the status bar showing my eye is watching at the screen and my hand is doing gesture as well.