Scott Todd: Is the Church on the decline?

Scott Todd, senior advisor at Compassion International and author of Fast Living, shares his views on whether the Church is thriving today or on the decline. He also discusses how we as a Church stand on the edge of an incredible opportunity to irradiate poverty internationally as we know it today. About Scott: Dr. Scott Todd is Chairman of the Board for North America's largest network of Christian relief and development organizations and the Senior Ministry Advisor at Compassion International. He has co-­-authored Shared Strength, Relentless Hope and is the author of Poverty, a book from Compassion's Ministry Philosophy Series. In addition to his work at Compassion, Scott Todd is one of the architects and leading voices of 58: Fast. Forward. The End of Poverty. Through 58:, an action-based alliance of world-class, poverty-fighting organizations have joined together to unleash the power and possibilities of the global Church to end extreme poverty. To emphasize the focus of the 58: movement, Dr. Todd was recently featured in the provocative and stirring short film "The Poor Will Not Always Be with Us." A renowned expert on global poverty, Dr. Todd is a sought-after and gifted communicator with a passion for making the case that ending extreme poverty is not only possible, but probable in our lifetime. Prior to his work at Compassion, Dr. Todd was an award-winning scientist whose career began at Stanford as a fellow in Oncology. A winner of multiple grants in medical research and author of over a dozen scientific articles, Dr. Todd also holds a patent for the treatment of Hepatitis C. But he considers those things rubbish compared to knowing Jesus Christ, and he lives to serve Jesus with his whole heart. For information on bringing Dr. Todd to speak, please contact