Everybody should feel and be safe in their home. Some residents have taken measures to make burglary difficult. We will help those that cannot, to increase physical home security. We will also remove houses from the target list of criminals by making it dangerous to commit burglary. We will work directly with victims of crime and people at risk of becoming victims of crime to provide a package of security measures to households occupied by the elderly and vulnerable. These measures will focus on securing, deterring and reassuring using products that criminals hate, which improve the chances of detection and conviction. We will secure with the installation of door and window locks. We will deter with use of Selecta DNA Mark, Window Shock Alarms and Door Stop alarms. We will reassure with use of Memo Minders, Mirrors, Personal Alarms and Communication Links. Packages provided will be tailored to individual household circumstances. Installed by Approved Trade Professionals or PCSOs and Neighbourhood Watch members with ongoing personal interaction, packages will be provided free of charge to those in most need and at a low cost for those who can afford it. For further information go to: