Serve Jesus NOW or you will PERISH

The Kingdom of God is NOW, not some time in the future. Jesus Christ is Lord, right now and if we are not willing to serve Him right now, then we are not willing to serve the King of the Kingdom. Jesus said that unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God. If you accept Jesus Christ as your LORD and MASTER then you become part of the Kingdom of God and you SERVE HIM as LORD, you are led by the Holy Spirit and you OBEY HIM, you WORK for His Kingdom. You are part of His Kingdom. If you REFUSE to obey Jesus now, if you REFUSE to serve Him now, then you are not part of His Kingdom. Then you have no hope of salvation. Only those who follow and obey Jesus Christ now, who serve Him as Lord and Master and who EXPAND His Kingdom, who work for His Kingdom, who witness for Him, who let their Light shine for Jesus, only they recognize and honor Him as Lord and King and Master. Most believers just want salvation. They want to go to Heaven when they die but they do not want to serve the Lord and Master and King of Heaven, right now. If you do not serve Jesus as Lord now, every day, deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Jesus Christ every day, then you are not part of His Kingdom and you WILL NEVER BE PART OF HIS KINGDOM, YOU WILL NOT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. Are you SERVING JESUS NOW? Do you OBEY HIM NOW? Is JESUS CHRIST your LORD? Or are you NOT PART of the KINGDOM OF GOD? May Jesus bless you.