She is so happy to see the little puppy, but what she finds out next makes her can’t breathe!

<h3 id="watch-headline-title" class="yt"><span id="eow-title" class="watch-title yt-uix-expander-head" title="Ryan J Janzen - My Engagement Proposal - 2012" dir="ltr">Ryan J Janzen - My Engagement Proposal - 2012</span></h3> <p><span>This is the proposal part of my day, when I asked the woman I love to marry me. Oh... she says yes. ;-). We named the puppy "Poet" after my brother who was tragically taken from us in a car accident on March 5, 2012. The puppy was born on March 7, 2012 on the same stretch of highway that took my brothers life. We found out after he died that his friends all called him Poet. So we felt it was a fitting name for him.</span><br /><br /><span>UPDATE: Dec 12, 2012 - Wedding plans are coming along. Date is set for July 13, 2013. We are very excited and life really couldn't be better. Looking forward to a great future together. Thank you to everyone for you kind words and support!</span><br /><br /><span>UPDATE: Nov 4, 2013 - Its here! The video of our wedding day. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!&nbsp;</span><a class="yt-uix-redirect-link" title="" dir="ltr" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a><span>or on</span></p>