She's explaining the "Game" to the guests. Then? I'm stunned when I saw what happened next

My wife and I wanted a creative way to tell our immediate families that we were pregnant, and we wanted to tell them all at the same time, so we got them all together for a Labor Day weekend BBQ and potluck to carry out our nefarious plan! The video begins with my wife explaining the "game." Everyone was assigned a new "nickname" on the back of their place card, and when we told them, they would flip over their card and try to figure out why we assigned them that new nickname. The winner would be whoever guessed it first. In reality, they weren't really new nicknames, but rather, new names that they'd be called by our baby. So, for example, my brother became "Uncle" and my wife's parents became "Lola" and "Lolo" which are customary names for the grandparents in the Filipino culture. As you can see, it took my brother about 1 second to figure it out and everyone else about 5 seconds after that! :)