Soccer is life. In soccer you need a coach, that also in life. That is Jesus Christ.

As believers, we all have these prayers and desires to see God do great things in and through our lives. To make an impact and to change the world for Him. But these things don't just happen. Faith isn't a wishlist, it's a work order. And when we begin to follow Jesus through our simple obedience, He begins to work in our lives in ways we never could have imagined. Moses Mawa understands that. In this video, from our Beyond The Banner documentary, we learn how Moses uses an ordinary act of obedience – teaching children soccer – to begin an extraordinary move of God in the streets of Kampala, Uganda. Beyond the Banner was created to kick off Love Week 2013, sharing the stories of the lives changed by Jesus through the generosity of the people of our church, and the impact their giving is making around the world.