Something Every Girl Needs To Hear | Alyssa Bethke

<p>How would the women of the world be different if they really believed they are spoken for? Buy Alyssa &amp; Robin's book here: Subscribe here: Support the mission here: Really hope this video is an encouragement to everyone out there! Alyssa &amp; I shot this in hopes that someone out there would maybe for the first time realize that God says so many things of them in Jesus, and when they are rested in, can transform a life. Pick up Alyssa's book at the link above where she dives into these topics more and shares a lot of her personal story! My audiobook for FREE here: MY INFO Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Site: Email: ALYSSA'S INFO Alyssa's Book: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Alyssa's Recommended Reading:</p>