Spiritual Formation and Suffering

<p><span>Siang-Yang Tan (Fuller School of Psychology) discusses suffering and spiritual formation, going beyond the psychological perspectives and empirical findings on resilience, posttraumatic growth (or stress-related growth or benefit-finding), and self-care by covering more substantially a biblical perspective on suffering and spiritual formation, or spiritual growth into deeper Christlikeness. He elaborates on sanctified or redemptive suffering as a crucial process for becoming more like Jesus in spiritual formation. He focuses especially on a Christ-centered and cross-centered sharing in the fellowship of Christ's sufferings (Phil.&nbsp;</span><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdU6chMMQNc&amp;index=5&amp;list=PLj7_fZQPp5SVT7E7KKi2IAkrhHST6JNAk">3:10</a><span>) that does not make benefit-finding the ultimate end or outcome.</span></p>