Stars Go Dim - You Are Loved [Official Music Video]

<p><span>We hide pain in the weirdest places</span><br /><span>Broken souls with smiling faces</span><br /><span>Fighting for surrender</span><br /><span>For now and the after</span><br /><span>Just look around and you'll see that people</span><br /><span>Are scared to say how they really feel, oh</span><br /><span>We all need a little honesty</span><br /><br /><span>You are loved</span><br /><span>If your heart's in a thousand pieces</span><br /><span>If you're lost and you're far from reason</span><br /><span>Just look up, know you are loved</span><br /><span>Just look up, and know you are loved</span><br /><span>When it feels like somethings missing</span><br /><span>If it hurts but you can't find healing</span><br /><span>Just look up, know you are loved</span><br /><span>Just look up, know you are loved. ooh</span><br /><br /><span>We're not made to be superheroes,</span><br /><span>Photoshopped, all size zeroes</span><br /><span>We're a light not expected</span><br /><span>But not quite perfected yet.</span><br /><span>Look up see the sun is shining</span><br /><span>There's hope on a new horizon</span><br /><span>Calling you, calling...</span><br /><br /><span>You dont have to prove yourself</span><br /><span>Dont try to be someone else</span></p>