Stories from the Bible: David and Goliath

The kingdom of Israel faces its greatest threat when the rampaging army of the Philistines marches across its borders. in the forefront of the invaders is a giant warrior: Goliath. This towering behemoth issues a challenge to the Israelites - he will meet in single combat with one of them. If Goliath is beaten, the Philistines will be servants of the Israelites, but if Goliath wins, the Israelites will be enslaved. For forty days Goliath repeats this challenge, and still no man steps forth to fight for his country's survival. But one boy dares to fight Goliath. Impressed by this display of courage, Saul entrusts the defense of the kingdom to David, whom he knows only as a shepherd boy who sings psalms to him at his court. Armed with nothing more than his sling and his faith in God, David walks out to meet his mighty foe.