Stray Afghanistan Dogs Start New Life In USA

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 16: These stray dogs who befriended soldiers in war-torn Afghanistan have been flown thousands of miles to start a new life. The pooches were reunited with the servicemen who they bonded with while on duty. Animal-loving US soldiers regularly make best friends with loyal Afghan dogs, who are invaluable companions on the front line and provide relief after days of brave and exhausting fire fights. British charity NOWZAD Dogs, which was started by former British Royal Marine Pen Farthing, who served in Afghanistan, masterminded the huge operation to relocate the animals. American Airlines flew the dogs from the Middle East to JFK Airport, New York, where emotional reunions took place. The soldiers travelled from their home towns across America to greet the dogs off the plane before taking them home. The charity American Dog Rescue and skincare firm PRAI Beauty, which has donated over £30,000 towards helping NOWZAD Dogs transport strays, were also part of the operation.