Stuff Church of Christ People Say

Church of Christ Problems TWITTER: I LOVE being Church of Christ! Youth Group was the best part of my social life growing up & now that I'm at Pepperdine, I couldn't be more excited to call myself COC. BLOOPERS video: Thank you to everyone who acted in this. You guys are ALL awesome! All the people in this go to Pepperdine with me (except for Josh, who's still in high school- he was just visiting campus) FACT: Most people in this video are not Church of Christ. DISCLAIMER: This was (obviously) scripted, so the opinions expressed by people on evolution, anti-women talking, anti-non-KJV Bibles, hating on democrats, etc. aren't the opinions of the people saying the lines. This video is just an encapsilation of general COC opinions I've picked up on over the years. All the different Churches of Christ's my family has gone to are the inspiration for this video. Also, the "You Know You're a Church of Christ if..." facebook group provided a lot of inspiration for writing the script! The a capella song at the end is by Won By One (the Pepperdine a capella group!); it's called "All I Need" and it's from one of my favorite albums. Yup, I actually listen to a capella music. To find out more about Church of Christ, read this: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Vlog Channel: