Surprise Wedding Proposal | Yvonne Taufa & Ben Falealili

Yvonne and Ben are normally separated by the Pacific Ocean. They have been dating long distance for over three and a half years. It's ironic that they come together and become engaged near the very water that keeps them so far from each other. Yvonne and her Mum visited America for their family reunion. Along with the help with his friends and family, the guys perform one of Ben's original spoken word poems written for Yvonne. She thought she was going to a surprise birthday dinner, but she soon realized the surprise... was for her. Thank you to everyone who had their hand in making this such a beautiful success. We are forever grateful and honored to have shared such a moment with all of you. Most importantly, thank God for His faithfulness, provision and blessing upon this engagement. For with Christ, all things are possible! God bless you all!