Talented 5 Year Old Abby Recites 46 Bible Verses From Memory

Abigail is a very smart and gifted child just at the age of 5. Oneday I decided to read some bible quotes and had her big 8 year old twin brothers and herself repeat it after me before school. And in just 2 weeks not only were my sons able to recite them, but Abby was also able to recite 46 bible verses from 4 different chapters of the bible. Those chapters are psalms 23 #1-6, exodus 20 #1-17, psalms 24 #1-10, and 1 corinthians 13 # 1-13. I was very amazed at her skills to retain and repeat them in such short terms. Abby has already shared her love with our church and now we hope to share it with the rest of the world. Thank you and god bless.